Something the USPS taught me today... And shady ebay sellers

So, I just had a baby boy. Well, my wife had him but ya know....

In a rare bout of creativity I decided to make my wife a nice display with his foot tags, a book we got from the clinic to help with the NICU journey, our wristbands, his "come home" outfit, etc. Basically, the stuff chicks love.

I ordered a Pooh clock (my wife went with the pooh theme for him) off of ebay to put in the picture frame/shadow box. I paid $5 and $8.75 for shipping. No big deal.


I got a knock on the door from my mailman who tells me that the postage on the package was insufficient. The seller only paid $6 and I was stuck with the other $2.75 (the box was actually $8.75 to ship, not the usual ebay shopping gouging). I'm not mad about the $2.75, it's whatever. But I didn't know you could send stuff through USPS with insufficient postage like that. He shipped it from a Post Office because it had the digital postage tag and everything so I'm not sure how I ended up paying $2.75 still. Weird.