So I've been shopping around for a midsize performance sedan, and while I love the vast majority of the offerings in this class (Seriously, is there a more competitive class? Damn) as a childhood BMW fan the M5 has always held a very special spot in my heart. The hundred million dollar question is: If I were to go M5, is there literally any reason to spend the money and go F10 over an E39 or E60?

They've both become such classics in their own right, the E39 for its borderline-Icarian pursuit of driving perfection, and the E60 for its eccentric jekyll-and-hyde character, I feel like it's silly to even consider the F10, especially since I have other cars for the track and dickwaving contests and don't really need that much more than 400hp in a car to have a good time on the streets (Hell, my 993 only has 300 and it's still a blastaroo).

So, you can afford all three but still don't like spending money you don't have to, what do you guys do?? Spring for the big-daddy F10 because fuckit the neighbors must bow to your vehicular superiority? Go for the E60 because V10 and crazy man personality? Find an immaculate E39 because then you would not be a self-indulgent wiener, Roger, you would be a connoisseur?


Couple of the cars I've been looking at, if you guys need more to compare/just want to drool on M5s: