A friend of a friend just got this blue beauty and stopped by so I could check it out. I didn't get a chance to drive it, because beers, but he was cool enough to take me along for a drive. I'm away on vacation, so it was great to get a chance to see it while I was up here.

It's an 04, but it's got an '05 hood. The Goat also had an intake, exhaust, and headers on it. Oh the noise! We may or may not have hit 70mph in second gear.


A few things here and there bugged me, like the paint peeling around the door handles and fuel door, trim pieces peeling in the interior, and the paint was wearing off on some of the wheels. This car was still in awesome shape for being ten years old and it's the color i'd get when I get one some day. It had a plaque on the console that said there where only 478 GTO's built in 2004 in that color.

I had a pretty good week of car spotting, and I've still got to share what I saw at the Saratoga Auto Museum.