Last weekend was the Southwest Unique Little Car Show at the NHRA Museum in Pomona California. An interesting venue for some of the most underpowered cars of all time. I didn't take many pictures, but here's the ones I did take.

Isetta and Bond minicar.

Here is the Bond's engine compartment. As you see, the motor turns with the front wheel.

Frisky and Nobel 200. The Nobel was the British built Fuldamobil.

This gaping maw belongs to a Panhard Dyna.

Lovely Austin A40.

Citroen Ami

Toyota S800

AC Petite. AC would go on to build the car that became the Shelby Cobra.

Renault 4CV. It's hard to see, but this car has a cool 4 horse head hood ornament.


2CV and Subaru 360. This 360 has the ultra rare auto-clutch transmission.

There was also a nice Renault R10 that yours truly is considering adding to the stable of weird vehicles.