I had a crack at some chassis repair on the Spitfire today. Both of the outriggers at the front that support the bonnet hinges are rusted to buggery, and the one on the right hand side of the chassis had been pushed backwards and upwards by a minor shunt in the past.

I started by chopping the old outrigger off, which really shows how rusted it had become.

Some more angle-grinding and I'd got it back to some solid metal.

Thanks to a lot of measuring beforehand, I could fab up a new bit of open box section. Just a matter of marking out, cutting, bending in a vice and offering it up to make sure it fits :)

Welding it into place...

...and grinding down the welds flush.

Luckily, I could order brand new front outriggers so I wouldn't have to rebuild the crusty old ones. I love parts availability :)

In order to offset the crash damage, I used a level and some 4x2 to prop it in the right place, and tacked it onto the chassis, knitting the welds up afterwards. Fingers crossed it's in the right place :S

You can see how far away I had to mount it away from the chassis with these little L-shaped extensions. A good centimetre (2/5") each side.

A quick spray of cheap zinc primer to protect it and this side's done :) I do love it when a job's finished in a day.