Yes, he double parked. Yes, he was also in the far end of the lot.

Not too much that was impressive save for this 4 rotor

It sounded insane

It ran this crazy air to water intercooler in the back with the biggest turbo I think I’ve ever seen.
I like these
I’ve heard rumors that one of you guys likes these things?
It had go faster bits
I thought you could only get the manual on the base model

Also there were many, many Mazdas. And I kinda want a Miata now

For an event put on by StanceWars, it wasn’t very stancy. And I was glad.

This car is static. How can I tell? Also, least favorite wheels ever.
Because you can see where the fender is hitting the metal of the wheel.
This car is bagged. Also the guy in the grey who looks like a vampire is the owner.
This picture taken in the drive through of a closed Steak and Shake.
Shockingly, one Subaru and no vape
Silly Nissan, you’re not a Subaru.  
1JZ Cressida. Want.

I suppose you’ve earned some eye bleach if you’ve made it past the Genesis