And I gotta say, it feels good man. I used to be a member of a gym, like 8-9 years ago. But ever since then I've been pretty shitty at getting exercise, except for that time I had a tennis class twice a week in college.

So starting this weekend I found a 1 mile route to run in my apt complex, I am going to start timing myself with a stop watch I just bought on amazon (no smart phone for me). Right now I estimate, by looking at a clock before and after, I am doing it in roughly 9 minutes. I'm aiming to get that down to maybe 6???


Why only a mile? Because it's not time-consuming and I'll be more likely to keep it up that way. But I may do some longer distances here and there.

I am 26 years old, and I am feeling major guilt for not being in shape in the prime of my life, lol. I don't have any weight I need to lose, but I definitely need to be more in shape. To that end I also got a pull up bar for my bedroom door, I am not allowed to go through the door unless I use it, lol. Unless I get up in the middle of the night, haha.