I read a lot of the comments and I can see why the dealer is suing for $25,000. When you put the whole thing in context I don't think it will be very hard for the dealer to prove that they spent 4 and a half hours attempting to resolve the problems with that car. Yet the majority of the comments are ready to burn the dealership to the ground.

Yes the dealer was stupid for not checking the fuses first. Yes you should be able to figure out the problem when the car isn't giving you error codes. There's a lot of should haves involved on the dealerships end, but here's what it boils down to for me.

The guy didn't even bother talking to the dealer before posting the video. I have this video that shows an hour and a half of work, but you billed me for 4 and half. Can you explain the other 3 hours? Talking about flat rate and researching the issue might have resolved the issue. Instead the guy posted the video and now the dealership is definitely suffering for it.


Most dealers are crooked and deserve way worse than this, but for once I am thinking the dealership has a case.