I’ve been in the country at a steam and vintage rally.

I saw lots of things.

There were two American things (yes, just two. We don’t do them).

A thing without pistons.

A thing so posh it didn’t have a clutch and therefore had a badge to advertise this fact.

Junk of all kinds.

Miscellaneous bits. Yes, I recognise the rear light cluster with the metal strips across it. Ten internet points for anyone else who does.

Traction engines doing a slow race. Last wins, being seen with your flywheel stationary disqualifies.

Hello Dolly!

This is a Ferrari. It must be, it has Ferrari badges.

A BMC Mini, but not what you think. Restored to within an inch of its life.

A Porsche diesel, but not a Panamera this time.

Land Rovers have aluminium panels, so don’t rust. Right?

A Ford Model A. But what’s that engine? Bonus Mk1 Cortina.