Earlier this evening, someone was riding a snowmobile at VERY unsafe speed down the side street in front of my house, on today's new snow. Had to be 50-60mph.

I can't, and don't want to imagine the mess at one of the uncontrolled intersections if a car or truck can't stop in this weather.


After the disgust subsided, I wondered why people bundle themselves up to ride on a machine like that. I like motorcycles, and I wear gear when I ride them, but that is tedious enough, let alone having to fight wind-blown cold.

Then I wondered why I've never seen much for cars re-fitted as snow mobiles.

That got me thinking... What would a Snow-Automobile look like? There are things like SUVs and Subarus that wear 4 Mattracks, and I am a BIG fan of AWD... but part of the snowmobile thing is not having all surface contact involved in propulsion, the front end are steerable skis.


That got me thinking... Good RWD car for Mattracks, and front skis. The natural choice... is Rally Fighter.

Imagine that, with the rear bumper bobbed a bit, up to the tail lights, and tracks fitted to the rear axle, with an electronic locking differential, and big brakes.


Then, imagine the front end, either with skis under the front tires, or completely replacing the front suspension uprights, with filler panels over the wheel wells.

It's either that... or a Subaru-powered Baja Beetle or something rear-engined, to keep the front end light and the skis on top of the snow.

But something with an enclosed cabin for at least two and some cargo stowage, as a shelter from the biting wind, with engine-derived cabin heating, but still with tracks and skis for weight distribution on the surface of the snow.