Oppo! Which interior do you like best and why? Aesthetic and techinal wise that is. I know which one I like(early FTW) and why, but lets see what you think Oppo.

I like the early style personally, it looks sportier than the late-style; much more straightforward and I love having gauges all over my interior, which the later car lacks. The only flaw is radio placement.


"This is the dash layout for all early 944 models. It is basically the 924 dash. The Early dash's side air vents don't work too well; in fact they're pretty wimpy. The glovebox has much less volume, and you have to take your hand off the shifter to adjust the radio."


"In late '85, the 944 got a nicer dashboard. Cleaner layout, more graceful curves...much like the 928 of the day, similar to later 911's and almost identical to the 968."