I hate to steal the spotlight from Tavarish, but this just has to be said. Why would you buy a Honda Accord Touring when you can get an F10 BMW 535i WITH a manual transmission and rear wheel drive?

Both come in at about $33k. Sure, the Bimmer will have 20-30k on it, but look at what you get. A twin scroll turbocharged inline 6 engine, a 6 speed manual transmission, and pretty much every option available on the Honda.


Don't get me wrong. I love Honda. The new Honda accord is a great car, my dad has an '07 V6 SE that I've spent a decent amount of time driving. Not a bad daily driver at all. The thing is, it's not a BMW. Why would you spend $33,630 on a Honda Accord? Why not step up into something... Better? The folks over at Car Buying already told you why only chumps buy new cars, so take advantage of a great deal. Let someone else take that depreciation hit.

Enough slandering new cars, let's talk about this F10 535i. This car is Black saphire metallic over black Dakota leather. It's nicely optioned with the Premium package 2, which includes a 16 speaker sound system with a 9-channel amplifier. It has i-Drive, which after the 2009 update is very easy to use. My own car features the pre 2009 i-Drive, it's still easy to use after spending half an hour playing with it. This car is sitting on what I believe are E63 BMW M6 wheels, which if genuine fetch a nice amount of cash. The car is not an M-sport model, but the multi contour heated front seats should do a good enough job keeping you secure on a blast down the backroads.

My favorite thing about the car isn't the comfort access or the backup camera. It's the engine. The N55 is a lovely engine. It's more reliable than the notorious N54 used in the E9x 335i's before the 2010MY, and still retains most of the insane tunability. People are regularly tuning these to 400whp and 400wtq. With just a Tune and a downpipe, the N55 can roll with the E9x M3, with a helluva lot more torque! If you don't think that's impressive, you need to get off Oppositelock.

Who doesn't want a sedan that could sound like this?

The aftermarket support for the F10 is amazing. The car looks classy and tame right now, but you can transform it into whatever your heart desires. It may not be miata light, but you can take this autocrossing or to the track. Don't expect E30 like performance though, this is a 5 series after all. This is a low mileage, one owner car.

Still want that Honda Accord?