Although, in my defense, I didn’t know he was thinking about it when we made that turn. It just delayed me more and got him nowhere fast, but whatever.

His choice of steed and where it came from was interesting, though. It was a Californian (San Diego...I used to drive by where he bought it all the time) in a grey Camry with CA plates. Complete with...

Wait for it...

A Camry dent!!!

Also, welcome to the traffic on 305 in the afternoon on Bainbridge Island. People envision this isolated hippy commune, but the cool characters are being displaced by hot-headed rich assholes and unreal traffic because it costs about as much to live here as it does in Issaquah with roughly the same commute time. The poors sometimes move to Suquampton or Poulsbo, which is about North Bend money and commute time now (actually, it might be worse).


They fixed the traffic briefly, then the fix just brought more people and we’re back in bumper to bumper creeping hell.