Having one of those nights were I can't stop thinking about absolutely nothing. We move to Germany tomorrow, I'm praying my e90 sells on the lot before too long, I miss my dogs but Germany won't allow pitbulls, and I really need to sleep. So naturally I've been digging though old BookFace pictures of stupid ideas I had, like some sad little kid. Ah well. Mobile won't allow multiple pics, so I'll just post my s14 when I finally got the rb20 running well enough to turn the lights on and it wouldn't kill itself. RIP to that poor chasis, the previous owner destroyed the electrics beyound repair. Ah well the RB AND the KA we built both ended up with good, sideways owners. I shall comment with the Audi I sold to finance the build, (terrible idea) a funny picture, (I think it's funny, that suit gets heavy.) And the DC Audio 12's I had in the e90. Maybe after all that work I'll be tired. Stupid mobile.