Because I felt like taking a break from car stuff for a moment and because this used to be our general Off Topic forum and because Pimp My Gun is an excellent fun time waster, this is the challenge: show us your Ultimate Zombie Apocalypse survival firearm. Go use the "old" version, make your gun and save it before uploading the image here. Maybe tell us about your weapon, or something. Yeah.

Here's what I came up with...

I've based mine on a semi/automatic chambered for .22LR with some complicated, but helpful kit. Figured that .22 is an abundant round and you're only really interested in headshots anyway so caliber isn't that important plus, it's user friendly. I flash and noise suppressed it figuring that any loss in accuracy or range can be made up for by the fact that every round isn't a beacon call to every zed in the area. Then I threw a removable flashlight on there and a red-dot sight along with laser sight to make it that much easier to explode zombie heads. A folding stock makes it easier to carry around and/or run for your life with.

What can you come up with?