Looking around CL for a cheap rallycross beater and found this. Something under $1k, rwd, manual, not too complicated to work on, and something that I won't be too upset about ruining. Right now my top candidates are 80s BMWs, mainly E30s and E28s seeing as how they're from just before the era of overcomplicated electronics. I figured that ones with [mostly]solid running gear but worn paint, dents, dings, and garbage interior are going to be perfectly in my price range. I found a bunch, but all with autos. This one though didn't have a transmission listed in the description, so I was about to call and ask if it was a manual, when I saw the sidebar. Auto. Sad face. Had this been a manual, I would 100% have been on my way to check it out after work today.

Runs and stops. 162,000 miles, OD quit working in January.

Has been my daily driver for 6 years. Bumped on driver side passenger door see pics.

Routine oil changes, new radiator, TPS sensor, rotor, fuel pressure regulator, and others, but needs front end work (tie rod ends, sway bar link, control arm) and tires. It's been through 26 Michigan winters, so it is rusty. Love the car but its time to let it go.
This has the 3.4L straight 6 cyl. motor.
I will include the Bentley service manual and brand new front struts. Clean title.
$900 OBO