With Kinja updates come worry, stress, and eventual subordination as the fluidity catches up with the previous version. Here are a few things that have either have not been improved though each update, or have gotten worse. This is not a Kinja hate thread.

I would just like these points to be fixed with priority over visual tweaks.

1. HTML Editor

While I love the fact that I can use the HTML editor to make my posts do exactly what I want, they never do. The HTML editor needs to not bunch up all of the code to an unreadable state of goo. Here's what I mean...

Good/Readable HTML:

Kinja HTML:

There is no way I can read that, and if by chance I do, good luck trying to understand the new image code.

2. Pictures

This is a relatively recent problem I have come across. I make long picture posts with text explanations beneath. Pictures used to be moveable objects, kind of like text, but now there is this "x" on the corner, and if I misplaced an image now there is no moving it; this is especially painful it I have already closed the tab of the picture I was linking.

Along with this I have noticed a weird <figure> tag, that goes away after saving a post and re-editing it. Why? I understand that it exists to make editing in the normal view easier, but I totally and unequivocally disagree; the old way was much easier.

<figure contenteditable="false"><a href="javascript:;" aria-hidden="true">×</a><img src="" data-attr="" data-uid="inset97" data-processed="true" style="display: inline-block;"></figure>

This is what a normal image html should look like, and does currently, but only after you have saved your post and come back to it.

<img src="" />

This was much easier.



Kinja comments aren't necessarily easy to understand for a first-timer, I am still getting used to them. This may prove a bad idea when trying to attract new commenters.


I don't get the "host" thing. Can't the top comments just the most recommended or with a large number of comments?