if you are outside, wrenching, chessing, running, spelunking, pretty much anything ending in ing, and you Have short hair ( as you should unless you are an unwashed hippy. Damn hippies...) remember that a ball cap and sunglasses do NOT protect the back of your head. Unless you are a Yo. Then you should just grow your hair long so you are easier to spot, as you will be a hippy and smelly. Or turn your damn hat around.

Where was I? Oh yes. Wear sunscreen. I now have the usual burnt cheeks (hey eyes up here hippy) and the burnt chest v and neck because v neck tshirt. As a bonus, it has been determined I now have a burn line around the back of my head. It doesnt show in pictures or I would publish it.

TL:DR Damn hippies. Get a haircut. Yo, turn hat around and pull up pants. I think that is all.