I drove my car! So much fun. I will post more thoughts after spending time with it this weekend. Here it is under my carport lights.

Body and paint are stunning. He got to every imperfection that I ever saw, and made it look new. It drove great, sounding better amd feeling more torquey and powerful. Suspension work was definitely noticeable, and it felt really stable in the road. I really love this car.


The downside? He did some basic interior repairs to the plastic, but most of what we discussed for the interior did not happen.

So what do I think of the project and how I spent my money?

I think it worked out. I budgeted $10,000 to the Sunchaser restoration, and Nikon’s estimate was $7,000. I paid hin $6,400.


The suspension, cooling system, and engine seals (oil leaks) were not part of the original plan, as mechanical was planned as phase 2. But priorities changed, and Nikon promised to deliver on both phases within the $10k budget. So I went for it.

I got the body and paint, suspension, cooling, seals, convertible top seal, and some interior repair for less than the $7000 quote, so I think I came out ahead.