I haven't been on much these last two weeks, mostly because they were some crazy two weeks. Song is somewhat appropriate, by the way.

Anyways, I'm interning at the pediatric wing at school right now and, if you know a thing or two about third world countries, you know that the things that most keep kids at the hospital are nasty malformations, terrible, terrible terminal diseases, crippling or disfiguring accidents and dysmal lack of parental care. As luck would have it, the team I'm interning with has multiple counts of all of the above right now, and it's some gut wrenching stuff to see kids who haven't even started living yet in those states. I'm not going to discuss any specifics, obviously, just wanted to let my Oppo bros know that I'm still alive hahaha...


Oh yeah, I also picked up some card magic in the meantime. Even the most simple tricks cheer up the little ones, even if for a short while.