One time at summer camp, this guy (who, like me, was 13 at the time) spent the whole two weeks bragging about how his rich uncle died and he used all of his inheritance to buy a brand new Super Hemi Mustang. He told me all about how the Hemi Mustangs are common knowledge, but you really have to have connections to get a SUPER Hemi. Those things are illegal, so you can't even buy it at a normal Mustang dealership. It's so powerful that he once did a burnout all the way from Georgia to Mississippi, even at freeway speeds. When he turns on the traction control, he can hit 200mph in second gear. He even won a Lamborghini during an illegal pink-slip drag race. Best of all, though, is the anti-theft device. The car automatically scans the driver's DNA, and if it is someone other than him, the doors lock, iron bars come up at the windows, and metal cuffs hold the person's hands and feet in place as the car automatically drives itself to the nearest police station. He even has a satellite tracker with 24/7 live HD video feed from the satellite so he can check in on the car in real time no matter where he is. It's truly incredible. How come Top Gear hasn't reviewed one of these yet? I want a Super Hemi Mustang so badly now.