Insurance got my wife this Charger, which is not quite what I think of when I think “Charger.”

Current Car Scoreboard:

Infiniti QX60:Smashed by sleepy (possibly drunk) driver while parked. In the body shop, 1 for the gods.

Infiniti Q70L: Running sweet, could use an oil change, a tire rotation, and definitely a wash. 1 for me.

T Bird: Struggling to get CHP VIN verification to get a new title, it leaks oil like Kuwait in 1991, and the battery is dead (old car sitting). Reluctantly, score 1 for the gods, mainly for the power of bureaucracy.

Cressida: In the shop for a new cylinder head, and should be back by the end of next week. Again, 1 to the gods.


2001 Explorer Sport Trac: Dead battery, possibly dead starter. 1 for the gods. It sat for a long time at my mother’s house, so this is not all that surprising.

Vespa: It also has a dead battery because I have not been riding it. I have a trickle charger, but this is still one for the gods for now.

Sunchaser: Runs like a dream, and I will be taking it to the office. No matter what the score may be on the board, I win.