Ad Watch - Its never enough

Looking through old car ads, I found one for this Lexus IS (Toyota Altezza if you prefer captions to dubs) and it reminded me that Toyota has tried this “lets beat BMW on their own terms” deal before. Like then, The big L is trying to out perform the germans with some moderate successes in terms of the new IS and GS… » 8/20/15 1:27pm 8/20/15 1:27pm

Cadillac: "We're Super Interesting & Stuff"

I really hope this makes the front page because I think it'll generate some of the most entertaining comments Jalopnik has seen since those Lexus ads launched. Cadillac's new ad "The Arena: Dare Greatly" will run this Sunday during the Oscar's which makes perfect sense because it's a minute and 34 seconds of Oscar… » 2/22/15 11:35pm 2/22/15 11:35pm