Memorial Day Thunderbirds Practice Over My House

The great thing about living near the US Air Force Academy (USAFA) is the annual visit of the USAF's Thunderbird's for the USAFA graduation. Today while walking our dog and enjoying some nice weather an F-16 screamed overhead. This turned into an amazing show for the neighborhood. It was a fitting way to spend … » 5/26/14 5:28pm 5/26/14 5:28pm

Today is Armed Forces Day: Strong and Resilient

I've enjoyed 22 years in the Air Force and wouldn't trade it for anything. I consider it a privilege to serve. And we get to work with some cool equipment. In my case I was in command of up to 50 ICBMs at a time. As I type my son is in Basic Training to become a United States Marine. He's carrying on a long family… » 5/18/13 9:16am 5/18/13 9:16am

Support the Troops (and their cars)!!!

We ask a lot of our uniformed service members and their families, particularly in this Post-9/11 world. One particular benefit offered to military members, their families, and retirees is the Auto Hobby Shop. At some bases it might be called something different, but typically that's what they call the automotive… » 5/12/13 10:30pm 5/12/13 10:30pm