Army Research Lab: Protecting Service Members from Vehicle Injuries

Dr. Chris Hoppel, chief of the Army Research Laboratory's Soldier Protection Sciences Branch with the Weapons and Material Research Directorate, highlights projects underway to understand how the Soldier responds to accelerative loading injuries like what would happen in a mine-blast event. In those events, Soldiers… »8/16/13 11:43am8/16/13 11:43am

The Army's Got a Fuel Cell That Runs on Corn Husks and Old Bullets

The Iowa Army Ammunition Plant (IAAAP) in Middletown, Iowa has an overabundance of two things: corn waste and excess energetics—leftover explosives, propellants, pyrotechnics and such. But using a new ethanol-based fuel cell developed by nanoMaterials Discovery Corp (nMDC) will transform these waste materials into… »6/13/13 12:11pm6/13/13 12:11pm