BMW caught doing 213 kph in a 80 kph ... with a trailer.

Yesterday's Blitzermarathon in many European countries has yielded some weird results.
The crew of a Police cruiser in Denmark had their Jimmies rustled when their patrol car was overtaken by a big BMW with a twin-axle trailer going no less than 213 kilometres per hour on a stretch of road where the speed limit was 80… » 4/17/15 7:10am 4/17/15 7:10am

Asshole Drunk Driver in my Neighborhood. 

What compels you to get loaded, then load up all your friends in a sports car and almost kill literally every person you passed on the road tonight, I have no clue, but I do know one thing, Karma was not far behind. I feel sorry for your injured friends but they should've stepped up and stopped you, I wish I could… » 3/07/15 2:12am 3/07/15 2:12am