​Autonomous Trucks Are Something We Can All Get Behind

Autonomous cars have been touted as the future of transportation for quite some time, and a few companies have gotten very close to working versions. But on July 4th, Mercedes Benz revealed the best use for this technology yet in their cleverly named "Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025." That's right folks, the future of… »7/08/14 11:03am7/08/14 11:03am

GM May be the Reason Why We'll All Have Google Cars - Whether You Like it Or Not

I firmly believe that, in the relatively near future, we'll all be driving autonomous cars. Maybe not Google Cars per se, but certainly autonomous cars. I also firmly believe that we'll be driving them because, essentially, the government will be forcing us to. »6/20/14 9:18am6/20/14 9:18am

The self-driving car could be the best thing to ever happen to us

For us car enthusiasts, the thought of never driving again can be pretty traumatic. Because of this, just the thought of autonomous cars is sickening because we would all much rather steer ourselves on our favorite stretches of road than have some robot do it for us. But honestly, the self-driving car could be a gift… »5/15/14 1:00pm5/15/14 1:00pm

Why I welcome Autonomous cars as a Car Enthusiast.

Today I had an epiphany driving into work. As an enthusiastic driver, a man that loves cars and hates the idea of not actually driving them anymore, I was taken aback by a strange new feeling of welcome autonomous vehicles to the roads. Many of you are now thinking, were you hit in the head one too many times as a… »4/09/14 1:35pm4/09/14 1:35pm

Where should autonomous cars be tested to prove their tech?

Autonomous cars, whether we like it or not, they will be finding their ways onto our roads within a few short years if we are to believe manufacturer speculation. There are a lot of liability and insurance concerns regarding their implementation but even more so than that, there is the human element to consider, and… »10/18/13 3:25pm10/18/13 3:25pm

Autonomous Cars vs. Driving Enjoyment. Discuss.

As I sat in Washington DC traffic this morning, I contemplated what life would be like if I got to stretch out in my car watching a movie or catching up on email vs. what I was doing, which sucked. The purist in me wants to row my own gears, find that perfect back road and just enjoy driving. The commuter in me is,… »3/27/13 9:01am3/27/13 9:01am