Laguna Seca Lamborghini Super Trofeo, 5/1-3 2015 (long)

I had a rare relaxing weekend of watching racing & drinking beer at Laguna Seca with friends and family planned, then got a call on the preceding Wednesday to work on one of these for O’Gara Motorsport in the Lamborghini Super Trofeo series. I’ll take it. Fortunately I already knew & had previously raced the… »5/11/15 4:55pm5/11/15 4:55pm

It's Worth Getting Up Early For Super Car Sunday

Picked up a new lens for my camera this past week which motivated me to head on up to the weekly pissing contest in Woodland Hills, CA for the first time in a couple months. This week was the Ferrari/Maserati Marque event but every vehicle wearing Rosso Corsa or sporting a trident was upstaged by the spectacular… »5/04/15 1:00pm5/04/15 1:00pm

Saw a three-dimensional F1 car for the first time today

An F138 Ferrari, to be exact, the last of the V8s. Sweet baby Kimi, it's so much smaller, leaner, and meaner in person. It's sitting in the corner window of the Seattle Ferrari show room, which happens to be 3 blocks from my school. Oh yeah, in less important news I started college on Monday, after a 2 year hiatus. »4/07/15 10:22pm4/07/15 10:22pm

Robb Holland's BTCC Car to be Raced by F1 Champ's Disabled Brother

Jalopnik readers may remember American driver Robb Holland's campaign in the British Touring Car Championship last year in a blue NGTC-spec Audi S3. While not exactly littered with victories, it wasn't entirely pointless. This year he's racing here there and everywhere while he puts together a UK-based team for 2016… »3/24/15 9:13am3/24/15 9:13am

Used Safety Gear: Yay Or Nay? UPDATE

I'm looking at getting a helmet for autocrossing, and I came across a pretty good deal on my local kijiji: $400 CAD for a Simpson Speedway RX, G- force racing boots, a race suit, race gloves, and a collar, all in my size (apparently). Seems like a pretty good deal, assuming the previous owner doesn't have deadly BO. … »2/18/15 4:15pm2/18/15 4:15pm