A backwards bike = major brain fuckage. 

Engineer Destin Sandlin runs a video channel called Smarter Every Day. This video of his (found on Kottke.org) shows just what can happen when you challenge your brain. When he tries to ride a bicycle that’s been altered to steer backwards... chaos ensues. Eight months later, he’s taught himself to ride the “backwards… » 4/28/15 2:49pm 4/28/15 2:49pm

Mountain bikers annoy you? Don't try to kill them. 

We humans sometimes have a hard time sharing space with each other. And if you are a cyclist. you know this very well. Whether you're a roadie or a mountain biker, there are always people who don't like you (and let's be honest — sometimes we cyclists tick people off, and sometimes others do stupid things that tick us… » 1/07/15 10:37pm 1/07/15 10:37pm