Long Term Review of the F700GS (Adventure Bike?)

Released in 2013, BMW Motorrad’s Entry Level Adventure bike is the second coming of the F650GS. But is it really an ADV bike?, more on that later. The bike slots into the GS lineup between its little brother the thumper G650GS and its older sibling, the more dirt oriented F800GS. New for 2013+, the F700GS received… »11/22/15 1:00pm11/22/15 1:00pm

"I Wanna Go Fast" - Doing a Track Day at a NASCAR Track

Race tracks in Southern California tend to be quite far away from “civilization.” Usually, you’re due for at least a two hour drive (at minimum) to remote locations, known for little else other than the racetracks often of the same name. Even if you live in the Northern-most part of Los Angeles (county, not city-of),… »11/17/15 9:30am11/17/15 9:30am

September Scorcher: A Late Summer Fling with Buttonwillow

Buttonwillow Raceway Park has been on my radar. It’s fun, fast, technical, and centrally-located in California. It attracts drivers from all across this great state, and for good reason: it’s the great equalizer. At Buttonwillow, a fast lap time can come from a grip advantage (i.e. Miata), a power advantage (i.e.… »11/02/15 9:27am11/02/15 9:27am