Car Spotting & People Watching At Bimmerfest 2015

I wasn’t supposed to go to be at Bimmerfest 2015. I was supposed to be on my way to the high desert for a 3 day camping trip with an Airstream in tow behind the Infiniti QX 80 I have for a week. However a series of unfortunate events led to my chrome rolling dreams being dashed (more on that soon) and I found myself… » 5/27/15 12:30pm Wednesday 12:30pm

Helping Cool the BMW Cooling System.

If you ask most car enthusiasts, who drive modern BMW’s, their opinion on the factory cooling system in their cars, responses will often range from “My Honda never had it’s water pump explode,” or “I hate it,” to “what’s a cooling system, and who are you?” These are all valid points. BMW models of yore were never… » 5/26/15 11:30am Tuesday 11:30am

Grand Tourers for Charity - Germany Edition

Today BMW brought their fleet of 3/4/5/6/X4/X5 vehicles to our local dealer so that volunteers would take their products out on test drives and compare to competitor vehicles. For each test drive, BMW donated $10 to TEAM USA for the Paraolympics. Naturally, I drove the most interesting of the line up, a 2015 SL550… » 5/19/15 11:03pm 5/19/15 11:03pm

Buttonwillow Track Day - December, 2014

There is something special about Buttonwillow Raceway Park. Something that has me hooked, I want more, more seat time, more experience, more opportunities for a hot lap. This track, more than any other, creates a desire within me to go fast. I need to beat myself, every time I go. I need to find a way to make time.… » 5/19/15 11:10am 5/19/15 11:10am