Craigslist Delusions Encapsulated

A “like new” condition 325i with reasonable mileage and a manual, with a “10/10” “showroom quality” interior, and new tires... price reduced for a quick sale due to a salvage title and “a little bit of front end damage” that the owner doesn’t have the time or inclination to work on. Sounds like a decent fixer-upper! » 7/28/15 1:34pm Yesterday 1:34pm

I should buy the lottery with my luck

Recently the water pump shaft had some play in it and made an odd noise from time to time. I ordered an new pump with a metal impeller instead of the plastic junk the original had. Bearing on the original pump was difficult to spin compared to the new pump. If I had gone longer with it, I would have had a seized pump… » 7/23/15 1:52pm Thursday 1:52pm

Move over Tesla, the new king of Electric motoring is here

This 40 tonne sports utility coupe is capable of a massive 100km (62 miles) per charge and while no performance figures have been produced, it should be capable of hitting speeds in excess of 50km/h(30mph)

Look out for it smashing apexes between BMW’s factories and SCHERM logistics centres in Munich.

Hit the link for a… » 7/16/15 9:32pm 7/16/15 9:32pm

A Wailing Six at Willow 13

Speed is an addiction. Speed will take your time, your money, and your sanity. Speed leaves grown men dazed, mumbling incoherently about the importance of every tenth of every second. Speed is a cruel temptress, luring us in with glimpses of what could be, inflating egos and inspiring (false) confidence in talents and… » 7/14/15 10:30am 7/14/15 10:30am