Here's How to Diagnose a Boat That Won't Start

In response to the recent article on a non-starting car, I thought I’d write up something on boats, because “darling it’s better, down where it’s wetter,” just ask Disney. I worked at a marina on a lake for a number of years and learned a lot. Now that I’m on to other things, I thought I’d share some of that knowledge… »7/16/15 4:23pm7/16/15 4:23pm

1989 Supra Bravura: Boatlopnik Oppo Review

In the spirit of another Boatlopnik Review I saw recently, I thought I’d write up one about my boat, which is now in the middle of its 10th summer with me. I have a hard time believing that since I was 24 when I got the boat. That was a very different time of my life, I’ve since bought a house, gotten married, changed… »7/06/15 10:41am7/06/15 10:41am