Ford and Hyundai Top Brand Loyalty Index, VW Stumbles

In order for an automaker to be successful, they can't just sell a car to a customer once; they need to have a large percentage of repeat business. Owner loyalty is something that all brands try to cultivate, some automakers accomplish this with prestige and performance while others consistently deliver quality… »4/30/14 11:28am4/30/14 11:28am

QOTD - Brand Loyalty to the Extreme

Is there a brand that provides everything - road, waterway and snow travel - that you would buy solely from? Would you load up your Hondas on your Honda like the picture above? Do you put away your Yamaha at the end of summer in favor of your Yamaha when snow hits the slopes? Do you take your Kawasaki for a nice ride… »1/12/14 1:59pm1/12/14 1:59pm

Brand Loyalty...useless concept for enthusiasts?

So I was thinking in the shower today, as one does, and to get the Royals song out of my head, I started thinking about brand loyalty. Car companies seem very interested in it, as do most regular folks who buy cars. I come from a home where GM products are virtually required. Even if my mother wanted something else,… »10/02/13 9:57am10/02/13 9:57am