The Time I Inadvertently Designed an Aston Martin

Aston Martin just revealed their deadly beautiful Vulcan, an 800-bhp, V-12, race-ready missile. I was immediately floored by its styling. I audibly gasped and spouted an incoherent mess of profanity and awe. The looks of this thing awakened something very emotional inside me. I felt that "fizz" James May likes to… »6/28/15 4:27pm6/28/15 4:27pm

If It Wasn't For Audi, The New Focus RS Might Look Like This

As we all know, big grilles are in. They have been for some time now, and I blame Audi. Ever since they joined the upper and lower grilles with a ring of chrome and black plastic inner bits, which I think happened when they facelifted the A3 in 2004/5, we've seen it in various forms in pretty much every market segment… »2/03/15 6:49pm2/03/15 6:49pm