A collection of Cars

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, but trust me, I’ve been keeping busy. Moved into a rental house, pinching pennies, but snapping photos as much as possible. Without much comment because it’s past my bedtime but I wanted to post something, so here’s a few of the recent snaps from events I’ve been going to in…

My Volkswagen GLI, A Drama

I have always wanted a GTI, so when I got a new job in November and had to give up my company car, I immediately started scouring all the usual sites. My problem was I hadn’t been job searching very long, and therefore hadn’t had much time to save up money. Compounding the problem was the question of how quickly my…


Apparently today was just not my day. The Wife and I were out doing some stuff and as I was walking back to the car I saw something silver-ish in my tire. I was really hoping it was anything but a nail but alas, it was a nail. Luckily I thought to myself it wasn’t in the sidewall. But heh, my luck was done.


I've had it.

Stop posting random political nonsense, please!! I’m getting tired of it! Oppo has gotten out of control with personal political views. Oppo’s general purpose is for the car enthusiast part of you. We are here for cars, not to tear each other apart because we simply differ in political views. We should be discussing…