Project Anna: Part  1- An Introduction 

Well my best friend got a new car yesterday: a 1998 Jeep Cherokee Classic 4X4. Body and chassis have about 290,000 miles on it. The newer engine and transmission have about 170,000. It needs work. But it runs and drives and was bought for a good price. I plan on doing a full series of her so without further ado, let's… »3/05/15 6:42pm3/05/15 6:42pm

2014 Jeep Cherokee Review - Building Bridges

In all vehicle reviews there is a paragraph at the beginning with an analogy to something other than cars to frame the rest of the review. Something like; if the 2014 Cherokee were named after another native American tribe the cake song might be apt - come Comanche come on, if you want to build bridges you have to… »11/27/13 9:24am11/27/13 9:24am