Spending Time With an Icon: The Acura NSX

Over the past year, I’ve been lucky enough to drive some of the coolest cars on the planet and live out my boyhood dreams. I drove a Viper TA which was once a poster hanging on my bedroom wall, I drove an honest to god supercar when McLaren dropped off a 650S, and the absolutely incredible Morgan Three-Wheeler. I’ve… » 5/20/15 1:29pm 5/20/15 1:29pm

Why don't cars have this much character anymore? 

So, I detailed a 1965 Thunderbird at work today (not this exact one, but this same color), and having not spent much time around 60’s cars, I was absolutely astonished at just how awesome this interior was. Look at the HVAC controls in the top center of the dashboard. Changing the fan settings makes you feel like you… » 4/22/15 10:32pm 4/22/15 10:32pm

I Took Too Many Photos At Luftgekühlt 2

Some days are just better than others, that's how life works. For example, this past Saturday I went to a Ferrari Club of America cruise in at the Petersen Automotive Museum and it was ok. Ferrari's are neat cars that have a rich heritage but they have always felt a bit alien to me. In my experience Ferrari owners… » 3/03/15 10:00am 3/03/15 10:00am

Millennials And Cars: Local Motors Has The Answer

Automakers are spending millions testing different ways to get Millennials interested in cars. They're trying focus groups, cultural experts, experimental marketing events with hipster bands, organic hors d'oeuvres and craft brews. Never mind that the Millennials can't afford to buy the cars just yet, automakers… » 11/20/14 11:11am 11/20/14 11:11am