Why Wait for Toyota? The GT86 Rally Car Is Already Here

A week ago Toyota announced they will be making a R3-spec rally version of their popular GT86, slated to enter competition in 2015. That’s good news for most of the rally world but frustrating for the impatient rally fan, who won’t get to see the car compete for over a year, and frustrating for the American rally fan,… »11/19/13 11:45am11/19/13 11:45am

Rally Co-Driving Behind the Scenes, Part 9: Oops

While co-driving is incredibly fun, it is also incredibly elaborate and difficult. As I've explained over the course of this series the co-driver in many ways is the one running the show, setting the pace of the driver and the pace of the event itself. It takes a ton of hard work, concentration, and (especially) at… »9/12/13 12:32pm9/12/13 12:32pm

Rally Co-Driving Behind the Scenes, Part 8: A Day As A Co-Driver

Co-driving is like being the drummer in a rock band. Often forgotten and overlooked, sitting in the shadow of the lead singer, but without a good drummer to keep the beat the whole song falls apart. This analogy not only applies to the pace notes, but actually holds true for the rally as a whole. From the start of the… »8/30/13 1:18pm8/30/13 1:18pm

High stakes rallying: the dog biscuit challenge

Somehow a comment during a recce rest stop at the New England Forest Rally about dog biscuits being edible morphed into a rally wager between us and the car of Tyler Rohrer and Ryan Symancek. The car with the slowest time on the "power stage" (last stage of the rally) would have to eat a dog biscuit at the finish. I… »8/28/13 4:05pm8/28/13 4:05pm