JDM Kei Craigslist Find - NPoCP?

I found the car I want. It’s small. It gets good gas mileage. It has four wheel drive and is a truck. What we have here is a 1990 Subaru Sambar Pickup, and I’m in love. It’s over 25 years old, so legal. It has a title, which means that you shouldn’t have any trouble keeping it on the road in Florida or in some other… » 8/10/15 9:55am 8/10/15 9:55am


Sure, I don’t have $32k, and that’s overpriced as it is, but wow. This thing is sweet. I would do things for this Defender. And then I’d do things to it. Can you say, “Duramax swap?” I doubt a Duramax would fit in there, at least the 6.6 probably wouldn’t, but maybe the 4.5 would. I can dream, okay? » 8/07/15 2:27pm 8/07/15 2:27pm

A lesson in how not to negotiate

I mentioned last week that I listed the Buick on Craigslist for $7,850. I’ve had some inquiries, some emailed low-ball offers, lots of questions, and the ubiquotious is X still available which is followed by absolutely nothing. So far I haven’t been asked to trade for a Sportster, which is something heretofore I have… » 8/05/15 9:51am 8/05/15 9:51am

Dude Getting Rid Of Collection Of Weird Worthless Beaters

A couple of Fridays ago, I found a cheap old ‘88 Fiero Formula (the one you want). Anywho, as I continue looking through the cheap car craigslist ads because that’s what I do, I keep seeing other weird neglected listings pop up. After a few, I realized that they were all from the same dude, and it looks like he’s… » 8/03/15 1:50pm 8/03/15 1:50pm

Welp, I listed my Buick on Craigslist.

I’ve been agonizing over this for quite some time, but I just listed my Buick on Craigslist. Nobody is making me do it, but I just can’t justify keeping an expensive toy that I barely use, while my house is in need of so much more work. My family deserves a house that we can be proud of. An additional factor is the… » 7/29/15 10:18pm 7/29/15 10:18pm

Found on Montana Craigslist: Better Red than Grand National Edition

1986 Buick Regal T Type Turbo V6 - $13500 (Billings)

Im selling my 1986 Buick Regal T Type. I need money to fund another project. This car was built and tuned by the best in the business. Nick Micale from Arizona Grand National built the motor. It’s a 3.8L Turbocharged V6. It has Champion ported Iron heads with a Rev X… » 7/28/15 6:14pm 7/28/15 6:14pm

Craigslist Delusions Encapsulated

A “like new” condition 325i with reasonable mileage and a manual, with a “10/10” “showroom quality” interior, and new tires... price reduced for a quick sale due to a salvage title and “a little bit of front end damage” that the owner doesn’t have the time or inclination to work on. Sounds like a decent fixer-upper! » 7/28/15 1:34pm 7/28/15 1:34pm

#FieroFriday Craigslist Find

It’s #FieroFriday, Oppo! Time to look at everyone’s favorite second favorite third favorite cheap mid-engined 80s wedge. It’s the ‘88 GT you want, right? That’s the one with the revised suspension geometry, V6, and a five speed. It’s also the least sold version. Here’s a cheap one. Sure, it hasn’t been registered in… » 7/24/15 12:36pm 7/24/15 12:36pm

You Won't Get Blackmailed By This NYC Escort

Until recently, the only way to enjoy an Escort in the Big Apple was to open yourself to blackmail by said Escort and Cayman Islands publishing conglomerates. While this creates lots of work for your neighborhood district attorney, it creates lots of hassles for you. Where does the discerning driver turn for a fun… » 7/17/15 12:48pm 7/17/15 12:48pm

You need to see some of the stuff that's on my craigslist right now 

I’ll start with the most shocking thing: Not one but TWO different London cabs. Then there’s a turbo FD RX-7 for a suspiciously low $4,000. After that we have an Impala SS (the Darth Vader one, not the other) followed by a ‘71 Mercedes 220 sedan with manual transmission and crank windows (paging Nibby). » 7/14/15 8:00pm 7/14/15 8:00pm