For $1,400, can you Wedge?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, for barely more than a mortgage payment you could own the wedgiest wedge ever to have wedged, a 1976 Triumph TR7! The car is stated to run well, but has been sitting in a garage for many years. The 2006 timestamp on some of these images corroborates the latter half of that last sentence.… » 7/02/15 8:00pm Thursday 8:00pm

Found on Montana Craigslist: Long Strong Boner Edition

1994 Jaguar XJS convertible - $12500 (Bonner)

1994 Jaguar XJS convertible, high gloss black exterior, black leather interior, black top, heated seats, ICE cold A/C, 4.0 liter motor, leaping jaguar emblem on hood, 52,000 miles, automatic, factory aluminum spoke wheels, high performance tires, this is an “AWESOME” car!!!… » 6/04/15 5:07pm 6/04/15 5:07pm

Another Crazy Craigslist Find - Meth pipe?

It’s not uncommon to find people who get into a project, find out how in over their head they are, and then try to recoup some of the money flushed down the toilet on it. There are also people who think their time is worth as much to others as it is to them. This race “car” post falls into both camps. I put car in… » 5/28/15 10:15am 5/28/15 10:15am

Crazy Craigslist Find Of The Day - Crack Pipe or Crack Pipe?

How much would you spend on customizing a ten year old truck? $5k? $10k? Maybe a bit more if it makes it more solid or useful for something? This guy supposedly spent $30k to make his truck less useful and look like a newer one (which it doesn’t). Instead of, you know, just buying a newer one. Now he wants $17k for… » 5/28/15 7:16am 5/28/15 7:16am