#FieroFriday Craigslist find - NPorNP?

As a rule, I say don’t buy someone else’s project. This is a V8 powered Fiero for $1200, however, which means that you can realistically get it under $1k, which is below the IDGAF level. It has a Northstar V8 (IMO, one of the better V8s that GM built) and apparently ran and drove at one point. Downsides are that it’s… » 5/22/15 1:57pm Friday 1:57pm

Future classic or depressing reminder of the malaise era? - NPoCP

It’s the work week again, which means that I’m browsing craigslist and looking at cars I won’t buy. Living in a destination for the nearly-dead sometimes has advantages depending on what you’re into. For example, there are golf courses everywhere, every night is bingo night, and there’s a medical office on every… » 5/04/15 3:15pm 5/04/15 3:15pm

Crazy Craigslist Find of the Day - Crack pipe or Meth pipe?

This is not a Viper. He says it is, but it’s not. No, instead it’s a half baked chassis with some poorly built body panels nailed on, and the 4.6 modular engine/transmission combo we all know and love from our Grandma’s Grand Marquis. He claims to have over $60000 invested in this project (why he opted to do this… » 5/01/15 12:04pm 5/01/15 12:04pm

Gotta Love Craigslist! Nothing Shady Here!

Just an unknown year Saab Turbo. From ad: “I am not sure of the year. It needs a battery but runs well. I do not have a title and I do not have a way to get a title, but I will give you a bill of sale with the car. I may do some trading depending on what you have. I do not have any more information about the car than… » 5/01/15 10:35am 5/01/15 10:35am

Really Wish I Had The Time, Money, And Skills To Fix...

1995 Lexus SC400 V8 for $1000. Said that the battery is dead and won’t hold a charge. Hell, if it was just a battery and alternator, it’d be under $300 to fix. And then I’d just need to fix that window, which might be a little tricky. But I’ve always liked these cars. I’m NOT going to do it, but what does Oppo think?
» 5/01/15 10:35am 5/01/15 10:35am

Seeing This Makes Me Sad...

I found this 1996 Volvo 850 wagon for sale for $1000 and its essentially a mess. Unknown mileage (broken rolled back odometer), terrible interior, no AC, leaking power steering pump, bad paint, and a few blemishes. The fact that I sold my 4 year newer, lower mileage, very clean interior V70R for very little more is… » 4/19/15 2:54pm 4/19/15 2:54pm