Doc Brown: If my calculations are correct... you'd be dead!

Back to the Future is hands down one of my favourite movie series, I’ve seen it dozens of times, and any time I see that it’s on TV I end up watching it... with the commercials... even though I could simply throw in the DVD to avoid the commercials... that must be the definition of lazy haha. As I’m sure it’s been… »5/13/15 2:10pm5/13/15 2:10pm

Topping-Off Part 2: How to properly fill up your gas tank.

In response to my last post about why you should’t Top-Off your gas tank, and the damage to your car that can result from it, I found out that apparenty not everyone knew what that term means. For those that don’t know, it means that you’re literally overflowing your fuel tank on purpose. The reason people do it… »5/07/15 1:23am5/07/15 1:23am

Tesla Roadster - The World's Most Important Car

You've probably asked yourself this many times: how the hell did Tesla become so huge? This is a valid question, considering they started out as an indy car manufacturer building a terrible electric sports car, now building the most advanced cars in the world. The jump from the Roadster to the Model-S was a huge one,… »2/14/15 5:56pm2/14/15 5:56pm