Watch Mr. William Read stuff off a card and sound like an idiot

Anytime I hear this guy talk, I would say I lose respect for him but I never really had any to begin with. Here he is reading off a card out of a textbook about what anyone could tell you about a logo. Why I clicked on this thinking I would learn something is beyond me, I could only make it 30 seconds in. See how… »7/17/13 1:41pm7/17/13 1:41pm

Decade Of The Quickest Automotive Design Evolution/Revolution

Looking at ADABOFOPPO's Duesenberg/Auburn/Cord museum gallery this morning for the first time I really noticed the evolution from '20s style to '40s style in automotive design. Then when I started really paying attention to the years of the cars in each image, it became clear that the shift from open fender,… »5/08/13 10:18am5/08/13 10:18am