Drift Idiot challenged Ken Block's Gymkhana 7, here are the results.

A few weeks ago Drift Idiot announced that he was releasing his new Day 13 video on Nov 17th 2014 after a long hiatus of his "Drift Idiot Day X" series due to other duties as video editor, photographer and full time valet parking. So he decided to quit his car parking job and work full time in making videos and… » 11/18/14 4:44pm 11/18/14 4:44pm

The Drift Chronicles Part 1: That'll buff out

This was just posted to the FP, but they want you to go to Hooniverse.com to look at it, and if I know people these days we don't have the attention span needed for that, so here is the video! You should really check this out, very interesting to hear the Formula D drivers talk about how they started out. True Jalops! » 4/22/13 4:27pm 4/22/13 4:27pm