Dear Tesla: Bypassing Environmental Laws Is Bad For Everyone

Tesla is planning a so-called Gigafactory, an enormous battery plant to supply the company's upcoming high-volume Model 3. California wants that factory bad, offering to waive its environmental regulations to win it. That's bad news—for Tesla, for California, for you and me, and for the future of electric cars. »8/12/14 3:46pm8/12/14 3:46pm

Did Somebody Invent A Long-Range EV Solution 20 Years Ago?

Range has been the Achilles heel of EVs ever since the first one. The problem with batteries is that they weigh a lot, take forever to charge, and aren't really efficient ways of storing energy. Everyone from the likes of the Top Gear UK crew, to Dr. Evil's alter ego, Elon Musk, to the mighty GM have tried to tackle… »11/24/13 3:37pm11/24/13 3:37pm

Dear c*nt in a Nissan Leaf

... I would like to start by saying thanks for nearly sideswiping me to the filler at the Shell down in Lakewood and not apologizing. Yeah, real classy, not! And it doesn't really help when you hold up so many people just to brag about an electric Versa. No, your thing doesn't get more MPG than my 919, it's not cool… »10/28/13 7:03pm10/28/13 7:03pm