Some Pictures for the Ferrari Lovers

I’ve been pretty lucky spotting exotics growing up here in South Florida, and since I live around the corner from Ferrari of Fort Lauderdale I pop in every once in a while to see what I’ll be spending my lottery money on when the day comes. Recently the inventory has been a little more exclusive than your “average”… » 7/02/15 6:00pm 7/02/15 6:00pm

Screw the LaFerrari This is the most important Ferrari ever made IMO.

Ever since the very first time I saw a picture of the Enzo back in 2002 I was completely sold. It was really love at first sight. Yes there is now way faster cars out there but for me this will always be the Holy Grail of cars. I mean it is a car so good they named it after the man himself. Here we are 13 years after… » 2/12/15 10:43am 2/12/15 10:43am

Nissan IDx at Irvine Cars and Coffee

Today Nissan stopped by Cars and Coffee Irvine during its IDx in Socal event. I was there as the cars arrived to get some pictures and hobnob with Nissan PR folks and get as much information about the car. I didn't learn anything new from Nissan, even though I bribed them with Girl Scout cookies (what sort of human… » 2/02/14 12:29am 2/02/14 12:29am

La Ferrari - it is really "The Ferrari" I think the name is perfect!!!

With the announcement of all of the new Hypercars this year many are focusing on the "ridiculous" name that Ferrari has chosen to anoint its flagship car with, La Ferrari. As it is still new in the wings of all the media hype, La Ferrari has yet to really be exposed other than blogs and small chirps of internet… » 9/05/13 12:27pm 9/05/13 12:27pm