Just finished watching the Alonso documentary 

...and now I'm sort of sad, hahaha. Not everyone likes Alonso or Ferrari, but I'm a fan of both and really enjoyed the combination, so I'm sad to see him go. Also, it was really neat to see all the behind the scenes stuff and more of what the drivers actually do every race weekend off the track (like play basketball… » 1/23/15 6:08pm 1/23/15 6:08pm

It's Official Now - Button & Alonso at McLaren

After literally a million years of debating the issue (not literally), McLaren-Honda has finally decided to put Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso's Beard into the race seat of the MP4-30 next season. Kevin Magnussen will stay on as test & reserve driver, presumably in case Nando rage-quits again or Jenson reaches the… » 12/11/14 5:49am 12/11/14 5:49am

¿From the rumor mill to fruition? Fernando Alonso might be inbound to…

Autosport is reporting it is basically a done deal, with parties only having to resolve the issue of the year left in Fernando's contract. I for one, was never a fan of the Spaniard until he came to Ferrari. I'm a Scuderia fan above all, and when Schumi or ehm Rubens was not in contention my support went to Kimi… » 10/03/14 9:00pm 10/03/14 9:00pm