The Story Behind the Only Ferrari Testarossa Convertible Ever

Gianni Agnelli was everything you’d want the Chairman of an Italian car company to be. A style icon, one who’d been shot in a dive bar by a Nazi officer during an argument over a girl; an international playboy who raced yachts with John F. Kennedy; and, of course, the heir to Italy’s largest company. »11/10/15 5:05pm11/10/15 5:05pm

Used Exotics, South Florida Style: Gator Skin, Mansory Rollers, A Knight XV, SLR McLaren, Eleanor Mustang, a Bugatti Grand Sport, and Something Really Good:

Over the weekend I traveled to Fort Lauderdale, in the ever-fruitful tree of interesting happenings that is the Sunshine State. Every cliche you are currently thinking about Florida the state is mirrored in an interesting fashion by it’s automotive culture. There’s far too much to discuss in a single article, so I’ll… »11/03/15 2:00am11/03/15 2:00am