Fulfillment of the childhood dream: The hooning of a Ferrari 599

Picture this, a familiar scenario: As a kid you were met with a beautiful Rosso colored Ferrari at some point, be it in person or in posters. “That’ll be mine one day,” you thought. And ambitious as you were, you positioned yourself and labored entirely too hard toward your passion of owning one. Then with a bit of… »8/30/15 3:16amSunday 3:16am

I Keep a Glock in my 'Rari (Vintage Ferrari Photo Dump) (Repost for the Night Crew)

Yesterday marked the last day I worked at ‘the shop.’ Yesterday was also an event put on by the wonderful people at Limerock Park in conjunction with the shop itself. I spent the entire time wandering around with my camera taking pictures of things I have seen every day, but there were a couple of vintage Ferraris I… »8/28/15 9:50pm8/28/15 9:50pm