Formula Oppo: The Trump Grand Prix of New New Jersey

Welcome to the 16th round of Formula Oppo, Oppositelock’s premier and bestest weekly fantasy racing game. In fact, every other fantasy sport is stupid, dumb, garbage where only losers go to play. Suck my dick Draft Kings and Fan Duel, suck it long and suck it hard, ‘cause, you’re fired. »10/23/15 7:07pm10/23/15 7:07pm

Formula Oppo: The Simply Sausages Grand Prix of Sealand

Welcome to the 9th round of the internet’s only Formula One fantasy picking game that is officially only existing on, or as it’s colloquially known as Formula Oppo! This week we travel to that off shore oil platform that’s not officially recognized as Sealand, which is not to be confused with… »7/03/15 6:41pm7/03/15 6:41pm

Formula Oppo: The Krispy Cream Grand Prix of The Communist Colony

Welcome to the 7th round of Oppositelock ,jalopnik’s only fantasy formula one game, Formula Oppo! This week we scrub off our messy divorce from Jalopnik and head north to snag some poutine, cheap boner pills and hit on those sexy French-Canadian fifteen year old imported cars. I guess we could also chug some… »6/05/15 9:35pm6/05/15 9:35pm

Formula Oppo: The MGM Grand GP of The Old Monte Carlo Plant

Welcome to the 6th round of the second season of the first Oppositelock F1 fantasy selection game known the world over as Formula Oppo! This week we’re heading on down to where the old money meets the new money and the house still takes it all. That’s right folks we’re going to the old Monte Carlo factory on the other… »5/22/15 2:45pm5/22/15 2:45pm

Formula Oppo: The Banko DeBernie Grand Prix of Pain

Welcome one and all to the 5th round of the greatest fantasy race game in the history of the world, Formula Oppo! This week we head back to the old world from the colonies so that we can pay our taxes! Hooray! Now gib clay or gib gold, actually just please gib gold, because Banko DeBernie requires it so people can… »5/07/15 9:12pm5/07/15 9:12pm