Used Exotics, South Florida Style: Gator Skin, Mansory Rollers, A Knight XV, SLR McLaren, Eleanor Mustang, a Bugatti Grand Sport, and Something Really Good:

Over the weekend I traveled to Fort Lauderdale, in the ever-fruitful tree of interesting happenings that is the Sunshine State. Every cliche you are currently thinking about Florida the state is mirrored in an interesting fashion by it’s automotive culture. There’s far too much to discuss in a single article, so I’ll… »11/03/15 2:00am11/03/15 2:00am

2015 Mustang GT Review (w/Short Film)

I am not a jaded automotive journalist. At least not yet. We don’t test supercars at RFD, we drive attainable–ideally interesting–cars that you might drive one day. Then, we you tell you what we think about them and if you should spend your hard earned money to purchase something similar. September marked Mustang… »10/23/15 8:29pm10/23/15 8:29pm

Oppositelock Review: 2015 Ford Taurus SHO

In early September with the miles piling up on my leased 2015 Ford Fusion, I decided that it was time to see if Ford was doing any lease pull ahead as my lease expired in December. I ended up with a Ford Taurus SHO. I’ve put almost 3000 miles on the car, and I feel its time that I write my OppoReview on this Bull. »10/21/15 8:12pm10/21/15 8:12pm

BMW M2 and Cayman GT4: Secrets Revealed!!

These cars are great, and I get it, but they’re really for assholes. One will park wherever they feel like, and turn in any direction, whenever they please. The other is too expensive, not really that fast, you can’t afford it, not really that fast, you can’t afford it, not really that fast, and you can’t afford it. »10/14/15 10:22am10/14/15 10:22am