Taking a Look Back: First Show of the Year

Despite how eventful this year has been, some of the photos I’ve taken have not progressed to being sorted and edited until very recently. One of these events, which I attended back in January, was a local car show called the 2015 Series Open Car & Truck Show at “The Shops at Wiregrass,” a small outdoor mall in the… » 7/17/15 3:32pm 7/17/15 3:32pm

You Won't Get Blackmailed By This NYC Escort

Until recently, the only way to enjoy an Escort in the Big Apple was to open yourself to blackmail by said Escort and Cayman Islands publishing conglomerates. While this creates lots of work for your neighborhood district attorney, it creates lots of hassles for you. Where does the discerning driver turn for a fun… » 7/17/15 12:48pm 7/17/15 12:48pm

You may Overland in the Valley of Death, and enjoy it! (Part III)

Time to leave our home sweet home. The great part about Death Valley’s more remote areas is that in general people appreciate the places and want to protect them. The “yahoo” factor is relatively low. This is evidenced by the coffee cup filled with cash in several of the cabins. Folks who appreciated the place leave a… » 7/15/15 10:46am 7/15/15 10:46am