To Rebuild or Not To Rebuild; That Is the Question

I recently acquired a 1997 Crown Vic LX that was bought new by my grandfather in ‘97. The car passed to my uncle and now to me as both my grandfather and uncle got new cars. My wife and I needed a second car since we’ve got 2 kids and I have to drive a good bit to get to and from work. So far, I absolutely love this… »8/26/15 10:02am8/26/15 10:02am

Forget Jesus: Goose Take the Wheel!

An Alberta man recently found a new wingman (no pun intended) to go to Shining Bank Lake with him in Canada. I’m no expert in geese by a long shot, but they, like many animals, seem to be territorial and once you’re out of their space, they leave you along. This goose followed the truck along a couple of dirt roads… »8/14/15 11:32am8/14/15 11:32am