Oppositelock Classic Roadsters Series Round 6 Post-Race and Pics

Well unfortunately, I don’t have anything in the way of decent pics to post, because the replay didn’t save right (the above image is the extent of what happened according to the replay). Fucking brilliant job, Turn 10. Five stars. (I should’ve streamed it...) If anyone else happened to save the replay and had better… »11/15/15 3:17pm11/15/15 3:17pm

Forza 6 Complaints

I’m sorry but these rain physics are terrible. I understand that an F1 car caught in the rain is on slicks is like a turtle on an ice rink, but a stock S2000 on street tires can take a corner resembling a freeway on ramp at 70mph without skidding wildly. It’s like they didn’t go back after to see if what they did made… »10/31/15 11:00am10/31/15 11:00am