Peugeot in its natural habitat

RJ getting worked on today :)
Fresh oil and OEM Peugeot filter with brass crush ring, brake bleed/flush with DOT 3, wheels re-torqued to proper spec (wildly overtightened), headlight re-attached and zip-tied and connected so now it actually works, hazards switch cleaned up and repaired (it was stuck on and blew a fuse)… »8/09/15 12:24pm8/09/15 12:24pm


The Nürburgring-Conquering Citroën AX Is For Sale

Hey, remember this video from late January of a French gentleman who took his 21-year-old diesel Citroën shopping car around the fearsome Nordschleife faster than Jeremy Clarkson could in a twin-turbo Jaguar? If not, then watch it. I'll wait..................... Hey, remember that Citroën you just saw on YouTube nine… »6/15/14 12:28pm6/15/14 12:28pm