Another FSAE Thing

Today is the endurance test, we did pretty well in the autocross but dreadful in the skidpad because we had no time to set up the car at all because we struggled for hours and hours trying to pass noise. It is also suppose to rain all day so that’s going to be fun. Anyways, here’s another pic of our car because it is… » 5/16/15 8:28am 5/16/15 8:28am

FSAE update for days 1 and 2

We got set up and did tech.We found a car that looks like Warios from Mariokart (see below). Tomorrow it is suppose to rain all day (sadface) but it will make some of the dynamic events interesting I suppose. Expect a photo dump when I get home. I also got to drive a Fiesta ST today, it was delightful, redlined it in… » 5/14/15 11:02pm 5/14/15 11:02pm